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Inspiring Self-Acceptance

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Love your life & the body you live in!

LJ's passion for inspiring others to self-acceptance is contagious the moment she begins speaking. Her knowledge and passion is founded on her struggles throughout her years as a young athlete, her time serving in the US Marine Corps, and her journey to grow Infinitely Fit, her whole-person focused fitness and yoga studio in San Diego. LJ has spoken in a variety of different venues with varying audiences from teenagers to professionals. 

Speaking Experience

  • North County Chamber of Commerce Teen Leadership Summit 2018

  • Empowering Women in the Trades: Electrical Workers Minority Caucus Women's Conference 2018

  • San Diego Business Journal Veteran Entrepreneurship Women's Panel

  • The Rosie Network Lunch n' Learn

  • Cycle of Stress Lunch n' Learn (varying businesses including Veteran's United and Peregrine Semi-Conductor)

  • National Charity League Poway

  • National Association of Professional Women Guest Speaker

  • North County Chamber of Commerce Executive Strategies Conference

  • Interviewed on Fox Business News, CW6 News, San Diego Business Journal, and Veteran's Podcasts


Teens & Young Women

Providing a safe place for teens to learn their own truth rather than accepting the harsh words with which someone else labels them.


Motivational Speaking

Providing motivational speaking to men and women regarding self-worth and self-acceptance. LJ, often shares about the "loud Jersey girl" in her head who tries to cut her down, teaching how to reframe that thinking, "quiet the Jersey down", and develop self-acceptance. 

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Corporate Lunch n' Learn

Providing wellness and leadership education for companies who love their employees. Our entire beings are connected from our physical health to our mental health to our relational health to our spiritual health and beyond. Tackling employee waist lines is the tip of the iceberg and a sure-to-fail plan if a WHOLE person health approach isn't addressed.

Thank you again for coming to our girls meeting yesterday! And thank you again for your powerful message. After you left the moms asked the girls how they liked having a speaker come (you were the first speaker they have had) and I wish you were there to hear their responses!!

A few that stood out to me were...

She made everything really relatable and gave us easy things to do to help ourselves.

I really liked hearing that even though she is a trainer now she was insecure at one time too.

I really liked ripping up the blue card, I think it helped.

I am going to do the things she said about sleeping because I know I don’t get enough sleep.

I really liked that she talked about us complimenting each other and looking for the good in people.

I appreciated that it wasn’t only about eating healthy and exercising.

And of course the moms thought you knocked it out of the park!! They were passing your cards out to the other moms at pick up!!

So they heard you!!! And you definitely made a difference!! Not to mention you set the bar really high for our other speakers!!
— Goia
Our attendees found LJ to be authentic and the most relatable of the panel of our Women Veteran Entrepreneurs. She inspired professional women of all levels.
— The Rosie Network
I attended LJ’s recent Health Happy Hour and met so many great people. The community she has created is amazing! When LJ gave her presentation, I learned so much about what it means to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. LJ has a philosophy that is real, attainable, and refreshing. She has inspired me (and my wife) to get back in shape again! Thank you LJ and Infinitely Fit!
— Nate
A speaker’s gotta speak! You have an incredible gift. Your spirit breeds inspiration! Thank you!
— Annette
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