I really am proud of the girls and how well they played this weekend! We came together as a team by the end of the second game, and improved with each minute of each game. The third game we dominated and just couldn't seem to get the goals. 

I believe that by the next tournament, we will have the finishing part down and get some wins on the board! Maybe even a tournament win! 

Coach Greg and I will continue to develop the girls in the positions we feel they are most suited. I know they all want to play forward or midfield, but that's not realistic nor is it most beneficial for many of them should they continue on to play soccer.


Speaking of continuing on....

As you know, I am coaching competitive in 2018 for 2007 girls second team. The Express team we played on Thursday was the second team for 2006 girls, and coach Calin was impressed by many players. He would love to see our 2006 girls try out for competitive. 

I, too, believe many of our players have skills it takes to make the competitive teams. I cannot make any promises to make a team, and it will depend on how many new players the teams need since they often keep many players on the team season to season.

Please remind your players for our team and for competitive try outs that attitude and effort go a long way. A players' willingness to play where and when asked giving 100% effort is gold mine for any coach. 


Practices continue same time and place this week. 
Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:30PM-5PM San Dieguito Sports Complex Calle Barcelona

NO PRACTICE 12/24/17-1/1/18

Whether or not you're playing the next tournament, you're welcome to practice with us, but it's not a requirement. 


January 6-7
As far as I know we are missing two players, so we will have 12 on the roster. That means everyone gets more playing time but also needs to be more flexible in positioning. 


If anyone has photos from the tournament, I would love them! I wanted to take one with the whole team and just got caught up in the game without thinking. I would love to have a few memories captured to keep!


I am out of town until 12/29. Coach Greg is your point of contact for any questions in the meantime. I will update everyone when I get back regarding the tournament.