Unfortunately, the tournament has been canceled for this weekend. We are still on for the Scripps Tournament next weekend. As soon as I have all the information and the schedule is posted, I will send an email. 


I know you received an email from Express stating that there is clinic still tonight. Because we wanted fresh legs for the girls this weekend, we cancelled our slot. I know what the email stated, but we will not be there. 


There is a chance we will get to play a tournament Jan 6-7. Right now I don't know when or where we will practice leading up to that tournament, nor do I have a spot confirmed for us. I will let you know when I know! If you know you CANNOT make those dates, please email me this weekend to let me know. 


Competitive tryouts are set for January! Tryouts for our 2006 and 2007 girls is January 8 & 10th at Leo Mullen. If you are interested in your daughter trying out, please fill out the registration form. 

If you want more information about the tryouts, please click here.

I just signed my contract with Express to coach 2007 girls 2nd competitive team (of 3 teams), so I will be there! I am brand new to competitive coaching, so I won't have many answers if you have questions, but I am happy to help or ask the people who know. :)