Tournament this weekend!

All games are at Francis Ryan Park in Escondido
390 Hidden Trails Rd
Escondido, CA 92027

Here is the link to the schedule:

We don't know what time we will play on Sunday due to the nature of the set up. They are hosting a consolation game, a semi final and a final. Until our game is over on Saturday, we won't know which games we're playing Sunday. 


10:20AM vs. Poway, field 3A
5:20PM vs Wolves, field 3A


Please arrive by 9:30AM. Parking is ample at this site. You just may need to walk a bit across the park to our field. 

The girls MUST HAVE BOTH jerseys for ALL GAMES!!
If you want to leave their extra jersey with me between games, please do so. 

Last practice tonight, I hope we have most of the team ready to work and have a good attitude and 100% effort. 

See you on the field!
Coach LJ