Hi, I'm LJ Eastmead, Owner of Infinitely Fit and an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer. In order to effectively share my personal testimony, we need to go back, and I mean way back! But don't worry, it's all worth reading...

I grew up with 3 siblings and was the third born of the 4. My two older sisters, Adrian ans Alexis, are only 16 months apart; Alexis and I are only 13 months apart! Rich, my little brother, is just over 2 years younger than me. So as you can see, we were all very close in age. Looking back it was great that we were all so close in age, but I know I didn't feel that way as a kid. :) Three of the 4 of us were always bigger builds- you know the kind of build where people call you "big-boned", "thick" or "athletic".  I'm not going to mention any names, but we always had beef with one sister because she was naturally skinnier than us, shhh, don't tell anyone but...it's Alexis...I was the tallest of the girls, which I never liked until much, much later in life. I was always self conscious. Of course my shorter sisters were jealous of my long legs. We're just never satisfied; are we? Anyhow, I was also the tomboy of the family. My oldest sister, Adrian, was an athlete, but she wasn't quite the boy I was.

I began playing softball at the age of 5. OK, really I was just the ball girl for my sisters team, but I always claim 5 as my starting age into sports. When I was 8 I found soccer to add to the mix while still playing softball (and I mean really playing). I didn't love soccer immediately because it has a lot of running in it, but our team was awesome and we won a lot. Sidebar: If you need to know anything about me it's that I'm competitive-and competitive to a fault! So winning equaled fun which kept me playing. The next year I "made" it onto the "All-Star" Traveling Soccer Team with PAL (Police Athletic League). Sadly me and my skills were not worthy of the "All-Star" term, but they took me any way. We would travel around northern and mid New Jersey playing other "All-Star" teams. Oh, the other thing you need to know about me is that I am seriously social, and this soccer team was social. We would all shove into a van to get to and from our games, and our parents would tail in their own vehicles.Seriously?! What's not to love with a bunch of 9 year old girls hanging out and messing around in a moving vehicle with only 2 adults to supervise who are also trying to navigate (pre-GPS) their way around the state...

...I remember riding in the van to one of my first games. It was one of those rare moments that it was kind of quiet in the van, and I starting thinking about how thick my thighs were. Naturally, the competitor in my took over, and I started comparing my thighs to the two girls sitting next to me to see who had the biggest thighs. This was one competition I could stand losing. One girl was so petite, I willingly let it go that her thighs were smaller than mine. The girl right beside me, however, was closer to my build. Her legs were smaller than mine but not significantly smaller than mine. However, in my own head, I had thunder thighs and was fat...Yep! That's right folks, I was obsessed over the size of my thighs starting at 9 years old. Or no later than 9 years old; that's just my first memory. Thinking about it now, I have a hard time believing that a 9 year old girl would be concerned about that or thinking about that at all. Although this was only a few years ago (ah-hem, throat cleared), the media did not have the same quick and constant access to our minds they do today. So that day, in that van, with those girls, is the start of how I ended up the proud owner of Infinitely Fit!

I look forward to sharing more with you next week. Enjoy the few photos I posted of my soccer team, my family and my movie-star self. :)

 My PAL All-Star Soccer Team 1989
(I'm the one on the right in the front. You know, the "big-boned" girl)

 My All-Star Hollywood look 1987-ish

This is probably my first day of Kindergarten 1985
We still have those looks on our faces when Mom is taking pictures. ;)
(Oh, I'm the one holding the jacket)