Chiropractic Care = Active Life

When I was in high school, I worked for a chiropractor who swore I would grow up and become one too. His basis for thinking this was that he, too, wanted to be a music major like I was planning, and he was a goalie for hockey and I was a goalie for soccer. That was it, no honest foundation for believing in it; just enough similarities to convince him it could be true. Now that I’m in the wellness industry, I reflect back on those conversations and see how close he was to reality. And the truth of the matter is I haven’t grown up yet, so there is always a chance (small chance, but a chance) that I will be a chiropractor.
Although the odds are not good I will become a chiropractor, I believe whole heartedly in the benefits of chiropractic care due to my experience working for one and using one in recent years. When you’re young, you don’t see the benefits of what good things you have going for you, so I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. 

Back in 2011 I began seeing Dr. Jason at Active Posture Chiropractic because my knee was perpetually sore and inflamed. It was, and still is, a nagging overuse injury combined with arthritis. When I started seeing Dr. Jason, I was hoping I could continue my new-found active lifestyle without having surgery or the typical “stay off the knee and rest” response from most physicians. Not to say that rest is not a reasonable response; sometimes that’s exactly what we need. But like I have admitted before, I am not always smart and rest or any version of it was not really an option in my mind. Dr. Jason and his top-notch holistic chiropractic approach proved to be extremely helpful. We worked together religiously for about a year to treat not only my knee, but my spine, hips, and shoulders as well. Thanks to his treatment, I maintained my insanely active, 7-day-a-week workout lifestyle. After that year, my finances controlled my treatment or lack thereof. I saw Dr. Jason, but only on occasion as funds would allow. While I was going through that time of minimal treatment, I felt pretty good. I thought I was operating close to 100% most times without the chiropractic care. I had actually convinced myself that chiropractic was a “nice-to-have” rather than a necessity. I spent a good 8 months with minimal chiropractic care and finally returned to a regular schedule after I was rear-ended in April. I knew Dr. Jason was my fastest path to a healthy body which is a bit of a necessity in my profession. Since that time, I have seen Dr. Jason at least once a week. With this round of treatment came light bulb of insight- Chiropractic is not optional for an active person! He knows my body is going to be a wreck when I arrive due to my daily trashing of soccer, Tabata, high intensity interval training, and running- oh and not to mention training my clients and teaching group exercise. He knows that he is going from the feet and ankles to the knees to the hips and up the spine and shoulders. Most of my joints have some form subluxation, and Dr. Jason adjusts all of them until next time.  He never asks me to stop being active, although he does encourage more rest days. In fact, he shares with his patients that an active lifestyle will assist in recovery from many ailments. Of course he doesn’t expect all of his patients to be as insane and obsessive as me, but he does want them moving.

Since returning to chiropractic, I have become especially in tune with the subluxations in my body. I have one exercise I love because it pushes my boundaries, but I only do it on a day I know I will be adjusted within 24 hours.  Otherwise, I don’t do it because it will always knock a rib out of its proper place. I also feel subluxations when I am lifting weights. I could be performing chest flys and feel like my shoulders are too weak to support the weight I normally use, which now I know indicates my shoulders are out of alignment.
The teachings and reminders from my chiropractor continue open my eyes on how to stay smart with the movement of my body. Staying smart with my movements allows me to live a more active lifestyle. For my less intelligent moments or just life happening my chiropractor is there to save the day!