Have you heard the wives' tale that nursing causes you to lose weight? Well, not always and not for everyone!

Being a young mom did have its advantages. After giving birth, I lost 30 pounds almost immediately. I spent the next six months wondering when nursing would start to take off the weight. I had always heard that nursing helps you lose weight, but I swore it was making me gain weight. I could seriously feed all the world's starving babies with the amount of milk I was producing. It was crazy! My son ate like a champ, but there was always more to go around and leak out everywhere.Unfortunately, the breast milk leakage did not equate to weight loss.

Once my son was 6 months old, I decided I had to take control of my weight because nursing wasn't cutting it (DUH!). I used a program my mom had used a few years prior called Body for Life. It was a great program that worked well for me. I was at a weight that was totally acceptable to me, but I actually got into some size 10 clothes! That was a miracle for me. Except while I was pregnant, I had been a size 12 pretty much since sophomore/junior year. Of course looking back, I now know I could have worn a smaller size here and there, but I never thought I was "skinny" enough back then…Back to my story: After losing some weight, I felt pretty good overall. I will say, I had to make some serious sacrifices to get those workouts in with a baby and a Marine for a husband, AND I had to pay attention to what I was eating at all times. The premise of Body for Life is that you eat perfectly and workout for 6 days of the week, and then you have 1 off day where you don't work out and you eat whatever you want. It really works well for some people (more for men than women due to women's ever-changing hormonal cycles). 

Shortly after I began losing weight, we found out my husband was deploying again in February, after just returning in July it was a quick turn around, but we knew what we signed up for. This time I stayed in San Diego and began establishing a network of support around me.

As usual things were stressful, and ever-changing. I could barely keep my head above water, but I swore this deployment I wouldn't just wait around for life. I would take life by the horns and make it great for me and my adorable baby boy. 

Since I'm out of time, I will pick up on the deployment and the next crazy year next time. In the mean time, check out Body for Life and tell me what you think!