Sometimes when I blog, I feel like I am actually preaching to myself. I do it when I encourage others and try to motivate them too. Honestly, I think I am in this position in life to encourage myself as much as to encourage others. The only difference between me and the people I am encouraging is that I have a few more successes in the field of health than most the people following me. I think that's why I have to stay on my toes and keep improving (kaizen); I'm just not that far ahead. Here's my story as to why I am telling you this.

This morning, I was driving somewhere unimportant. I looked down at my legs and I thought to myself, I love my legs. Wait, what?! I love my legs? Haven't I spent the last 25 years despising those things?! They are the bane of my existence; never getting proportionally smaller, only getting bigger. My body image issues began with my obsession of legs. [SIDE NOTE: I love looking at legs. Men's, women's, it really doesn't matter. I find them beautiful (on other people, that is until this morning). So if you see me checking out your legs, it's just my own weird obsession for legs, not you. Back to my story.] Then I remembered a conversation with some of clients one day. It went something like this.

Me: We're going to do side lying leg adductors.

Client #1: Oooo. These are good. I need to do these everyday.

Me: They are a great exercise, but I can't do them everyday, they just make my thighs bigger.

Client #2: SO?

Me: So what? That they make my thighs bigger?

Client #2: Yeah. Who cares if they are bigger, they are stronger.

Me: I have trouble fitting in pants already, I couldn't imagine if they got much bigger.

Client #2: Well, that's fair, but it doesn't matter if they are getting bigger if they are getting stronger and more cut.

OK, so the conversation may not be verbatim, but that's pretty much how it went down. Client #2 was preaching to me that day. I think since then, I have tried to be more cognizant of my thoughts and words about my own body image. So when the thought that I liked my legs popped into my head, I relived that conversation.

After thinking through the conversation and wondering where that thought even came from, I decided I would preach myself through all the reasons to love my legs.

So here's my top 20 list of reason to LOVE my legs:
  1. My legs are muscular and defined
  2. My legs are long
  3. My legs help me do my job better
  4. My legs carry me everywhere I want to  go (including some adventurous hikes, just ask my bestie)
  5. My legs run, sometimes fast sometimes slow
  6. My legs run, far and sometimes not so far
  7. My legs get me all over a soccer field
  8. My legs move a soccer ball fast and hard
  9. My legs can do an impressive number of squats, lunges, burpees, etc
  10. My legs are really defined in high heels
  11. My legs have bruises and battle scars from years of using them
  12. My legs carried my body through boot camp even when I didn't think they could
  13. My legs carried my excessive pregnancy weight gain
  14. My legs supported me to carry my son
  15. My legs remind me when I should rest and stretch
  16. My legs have been with me through thick and thin (figuratively and literally)
  17. My legs walked me down the aisle to my husband on my wedding day
  18. My legs motivate me (both positively and negatively)
  19. My legs are beautiful
  20. My legs are mine
 (I'm no photographer, but you get the idea. They look good!)

It feels good to write this list and share it.  It feels even more amazing that I had the positive thought about my legs very organically. And by organically, I mean with the preaching and motivation I use for others shot right back at me. So when those of you out there talk about how I help you, just remember how much you are helping me. Your support and encouragement does not go unnoticed.

My last thought before I leave is this impromptu blog: We all have that a problem area or two on our bodies that we would love to change. You may change it and you may not, but find a way to embrace it without waiting for the change to come first. If you don't love it now, you won't love it when it changes. It is your thinking that creates the love for it, not the physical change. (Trust me, I have experience in this area). Make it yours; really own it. Make a list of reasons why to love it! The list of why not is not worth your time and is probably much shorter. Just focus on why to love yourself and the why not will begin to slowly disappear. Thanks for reading! See you soon!