Are you a resolution maker? If so, do you usually stick to it? I have never really been a fan of creating New Year's resolutions just to turn around and break them. I think it's a great concept because I am a huge fan of new beginnings! That's part of why I love being a military family- every time we move, we get to start again! I even loved the new school year when I was a kid- new clothes, new school supplies, new teachers and new schedule. The problem with putting so much into the new is that it eventually becomes the old; regardless of how hard you try. So this year when you make your new years resolution, I have some suggestions to help you stick to that new (soon-to-be-old) resolution.

  • ·         Find an accountability partner: Whether it's someone to take you to the gym or someone to review your budget, you are more likely to stick with what you started. One recommendation is to have it be someone who is strong where you are weak.
  • ·         Feel free to set BHAG (Big, hairy audacious goals), but stick some milestone goals in there to create as much success as possible getting to that big goal.
  • ·         Set maintenance goals. What does it look like when you get to that BHAG? And how will you stay there? Set yourself up for continued success.
  • ·         Be flexible. Maybe you get to your first milestone and you realize your BHAG was not what you really needed. Don't be so married to sticking to the goal that you become inflexible.
  • ·         Conversely, DON'T BACK DOWN! If this is something you really want, keep at it. The final picture may change from time to time, but the desire of what you ultimately want is the same. Stick it out! (Preachin' to myself here).
  • ·         Remember to celebrate each success. Don't get so caught up long term that you forget to celebrate now.

This year my BHAG is to celebrate life in the good and bad- completely regardless of circumstances. "This too shall pass", "God never gives us more than we can handle", "Someone else close by has it worse than I do", and "The good is not nearly as good without the bad" are going to be reeling over and over in my head. Feel free to pass words of encouragement my way whenever you want- they will be accepted! Here's to a better year ahead no matter how good 2014 was!  Happy New Year!