So I was doing some shopping at Sprouts this morning when I realized something. It's not nearly as hard to eat well on a budget as most people think! I love shopping at our local Sprouts market, but only when I shop their weekly ads. They have amazing prices on great produce and some of the best meats around. Now if you don't stick to their sales or shop their packaged goods, you will run up a huge bill. That means:

#1-don't go hungry

#2-practice discipline

#3-go at a time of day you best practice said discipline

#4-buy seasonally

#5-stick to sales

Here is my bill minus the little bit of tax applied:

Look at the list and the prices. Here are the items I bought that were not on sale.

#1 Macaroni & Cheese

#2 Chobani yogurts

#3 Garlic

#4 Pork chops

Imagine my bill if I stuck to all three of my rules!

I didn't need as many veggies as I did fruit, but with all this food, my family (of 3) will indulge for 4+ days. Also, had I planned to hit another grocery store in the area, I could have saved significantly on the items I didn't buy on sale.

Maybe this is a lot for your family budget. My next recommendation would be to hit the 99 cents only store or $1 store. In San Diego, we have the 99 cents only stores which actually carry quite an array of fresh produce (including organic) that will not expire any sooner than the produce in other stores. As always you have to pay attention to what you are buying, but I buy a ton of organic produce, beans, bread, and occasional treats. Not to mention, I pick up a bunch of household items, cooking utensils, and gift bags for extremely cheap. You may be surprised where you can really save some money there.

I promise you that if you're lots of packaged foods and you try to start eating the produce on sale or at the 99 cents store, you will see a huge improvement in your health, energy, and waistline!

Until next time, keep moving!