I’m finally ready to break up with my scale. Not because I am angry at what it tells me, but because it doesn’t really tell me much. You know the kind of scale I’m talking about. The scale that just spits a number at you, completely devoid of emotion with no explanation of what it means by that number.

What does XXX lbs mean? Does it mean I am succeeding at my attempts over a sustained period of time? Or does it mean that I am completely failing and turning into a pile of mush? Why won’t the scale tell me.

You’re probably thinking, “You can get one that reads your body fat.” And I could, but I am breaking up with that number too! Why? Because it is only rooted in the assumption that the number on the scale is accurate. And assuming that number is correct, there could still be a 3% variation in its reading. So let me tell you; I am not listening to their cold-hearted attempts of measuring my worth.

How did this harsh break up begin, you ask? Well, I have a scale at my studio but not in my home, so I only weigh myself at work. The more we used the scale for our clients, the more we saw the variation in it. We tried weighing static weights like dumbbells and kettlebells and the dang thing couldn’t even get those numbers consistently correct. So I ask, if the scale can’t weigh a static weight, how in the world can a scale measure my ever changing body?

We are constantly adding fuel and burning fuel, using and replenishing hormones, breaking down and rebuilding cells, you name it, our body is changing, which means our weight is dynamically shifting, constantly.  If that’s the case, weighing myself once a day (even the same time every day) doesn’t tell me anything more than a number. So that callous scale is out of my life and so is the rollercoaster of emotion that goes with it.

Since I have stopped spending so much time with my scale, my thinking has shifted. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about “the number”. My focus has shifted from “Did I pass today? Am I worthy enough to call myself a fitness trainer, a woman, attractive, etc?” to “Man that was a great workout! I love the way these pants look on me. I feel the best I have in years!”

I’d like to say I had some great epiphany and used shear willpower to get out from under that emotionless scale, but I didn’t. Not to mention willpower is finite and cannot solely carry you through anything. Some awareness with some environmental changes eventually brought me to take the pressure off myself. Here’s what I believe happened.

First- I became aware that the number was or could possibly be inaccurate which caused doubt.

Second- I struggled to get the scale to be consistent, trying to force it into submission.  Telling nothing but the truth I wanted to see!

Third- I realized I had a losing battle with making the scale accurate and weighed myself anyway, but each time I couldn’t get emotionally attached to the number. And it didn’t matter if it was a “good” number or “bad” one. The scale had broken my trust, so I just didn’t believe it.

Fourth- Slowly I stopped torturing myself with the inaccurate scale. I just stopped getting on so often.

Fifth- About a month or two later I realized I have no idea what I weigh and kind of don’t care.

If I was to give you any advice, it’s probably life is too short to care what a heartless scale has to say about you. You have so much value and worth because you’re you, not because you weigh XXX lbs or wear a size YY.

Easy for me to say, right? Saying about you is easy for me, but remembering to believe it about me, is different. So I just want you to know I get it. I get why you want it to be a certain number, I get why you are afraid to not be attached to that number, and I get that you don’t really know who you would be without this struggle.

My answer to that….Do what you need to do for yourself right now. We’re here to help if you want it.