I have never been girlie. I have spent my life playing in the mud and being “one of the guys”. I’m comfortable there and enjoy lots of things which are generally considered masculine. And to be quite honest, I like that about who I am.

Now, even though I am not girlie, bet your bottom dollar and I AM A GIRL! My brain operates like any woman’s brain, and I want to be treated like a woman. I am feminine and womanly, I just like sports a lot.

When it comes to make up, hair, and clothes, I’m kind of lost. I want to look like one of those women who knows how to put it all together, but I don’t feel like I pull it off nor do I care to put the time into learning how. (I’d rather go watch football or play soccer).

Every once in a while, I do find a dress I love and am willing to buy, even knowing I will only wear it once or twice. I have this sparkly dress that is one of these said dresses.  

I bought this dress back in 2013 and have worn it twice. I LOVE it! I’m generally not a sparkles girl, but there is something about this dress that I just can’t get enough of! I feel sexy and feminine when I wear it.

Jan 2013- The first time Infinitely Fit sponsored an event.

Jan 2013- The first time Infinitely Fit sponsored an event.

It hangs in my closet waiting for the day I break it out again. It beckons me regularly. For years, I hesitated to wear it because it’s a party dress, and I don’t go to cocktail parties often or night clubs...well, ever. Every time I see it in my closet, I envision a night in Vegas in my sparkly party dress. I walk into a night club drawing attention partially because I am blinding people with the sparkles and partially because I ooze confidence as I rock the sparkles. This dress wasn’t meant to hang in my closet, so when I get it on I, of course, dance the night away in my heels somewhat awkwardly because shoes and I aren’t friends. I can feel the joy, laughter and confidence as I envision the evening.

Unfortunately, the sparkly dress doesn’t fit right now. It’s not a lack of confidence in how I look in it; it just does not fit. But I am ready to rock that dress again.

To motivate me for what I really want, I pulled the dress out and hung up in my room. Every day I get to look at that dress to remind me of what I am working towards.

I refuse to diet or take on some crazy weight loss program, but I want to stay focused on my fitness routine and continue to eat mindfully to achieve my sparkly dress goal. Those things don’t happen by accident though. So, I must be intentional about it and begin setting personal boundaries that will lead me to my goals. I’m breaking down my goal into progress steps that I can measure, and they have NOTHING to do with weight!!

Jan 2013- Me & my ex-husband heading out for an Infinitely Fit event. 

Jan 2013- Me & my ex-husband heading out for an Infinitely Fit event. 

Step 1- Set a regular work schedule as possible, so I can stay focused on one thing at a time.

Step 2- Set a consistent workout plan for my cardio and strength routine 6 days per week and take yoga once a week.

Step 3- Plan meals around my schedule 5-6 days a week, so I don’t mindlessly eat on the go.

Step 4- Last but not least: Leave out my sparkly dress.

What’s your sparkly dress right now? What goal do you have? And what is going to motivate you to stick with it? What specific steps of progress do you need to achieve your goal?

Do you have a sparkly dress or dapper suit? Because as soon as I feel fantastic in it, it’s party time in Vegas! Who’s in?!