November of 2017 my son and I took a cross country road trip. I wrote this after returning and never published it. When I came across it, I thought I should share it. I hope you find it helpful!


Lately I have felt like people are passing me by. Like my progress in life isn’t moving fast enough to keep up with my perception of other’s progress. I am so busy looking to the right and left of me to determine whether or not my path is fast enough, I continue to veer off and make what would be a relatively straight road look like a mountain switch back.

When I was driving cross country with my son, we spent the majority of the first day in the desert. The speed limit is 70, so I hit the cruise control to keep from getting a ticket. Since there wasn’t much scenery around us, it seemed like we were going 25-30 miles an hour. There were few indicators to know if we were making progress. We rarely saw other cars and there wasn’t enough to pass that would help us recognize the speed. (Boy am I glad for cruise control).

We watched the dotted white lane indicator lines tick by like a watched second hand on a clock or a pot of water heating to a boil. Seconds seemed like minutes.

We didn’t need a GPS since we were on one highway for three and a half days, so we didn’t use one. The only thing that determined our distance was the very few and far between exit numbers. Much to our surprise we would travel two hours and 160 miles or so were down. Traveling about 800 each day, that was a big deal.

During the journey, it felt slow and unproductive. Each night though, we would recount the number of states, cities, and miles we accomplished.

That’s how I am feeling right now. When I hit a bench mark of some sort, I feel productive, but while I am going through the journey of life, I feel like I am accomplishing little to nothing. What is that? How does that work? What I am I so busy thinking about that I don’t allow myself to slow down enough to enjoy the journey?

Why is just practicing the discipline of what it takes to accomplish what I desire not enough? I don’t think I’m alone in this or our fitness industry wouldn’t be flooded with “lose weight fast” programs that don’t work and actually cause havoc on the body for the long run.

The discipline of showing up for oneself for one’s health should be enough, but it’s not. After a month or two of showing up, we stop because “it didn’t work”…Not true! We didn’t do the work. We want results than we want to put in effort.

So here’s our gentle reminder for anything we desire in life…Your dreams can’t work harder than you do. If you’re not willing to put in the effort, re-frame your desires to the level of effort you’re willing to put in to the outcome.

NOW! I am most definitely NOT saying that you should start some strict diet and exercise regime and you’re weak if you don’t sustain it. Quite the opposite. Know the bigger picture outcome you desire then take ONE step by creating ONE habit that will get you there. After you master it start with another. You will find that as you continue to build new habits, your momentum will also increase and each new habit will be easier.

Only you can decide what your ONE DESIRED OUTCOME is, but you can get help building the habits that will get you there.