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Closing out the year with two weeks of holidays, Infinitely Fit provided a two-week virtual program to our clients and closed the doors hosting zero training sessions from December 20-January 3rd. It was a difficult decision, but it turned out to be great for the staff (especially me), and a win for our clients because they could workout at their convenience without HIIT 2 FIT program.

In the spirit of honesty, I must share that while my program was set to send high intensity interval training workouts for two weeks, I was traveling with a goal of completing as few workouts as possible over those same two weeks. And I excelled at it!

We were in the mountains of Colorado for some of those two weeks, so I spent a day snowboarding, one ice skating, another sledding, another dog sledding, and one more taking a 5 mile walk with a friend (that was back in San Diego where it’s warm enough to walk). When I say I spent “the day”, with the exception of snowboarding, I did no activity more than 2 hours and many of them closer to an hour. For a fitness junkie like me, that much rest is success!

No workouts for me, just being active and enjoying my friends, family and vacation. I even spent full days in my PJs watching TV, reading books, completing puzzles, and playing games with the family.

This experience is the type of rest my body had been yearning for throughout all of 2015! In fact, my number one goal for Infinitely Fit in 2015 was to get to a point that I could rest mentally and physically; Christmas break was the key to my success! So a big thank you to my supporters near and far made it possible to actually rest.  

Now I am not just telling you these things to brag about my amazing two weeks of rest; although I could go on about it for another five pages. Returning to real life, I was reminded of a well-known law: The law of inertia. An object at rest will stay at rest, forever, as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it. An object in motion will stay in motion, traveling in a single direction, until something pushes or pulls on it…It takes a lot more energy to get going than it does to continue on. The break was worth it and even necessary, but now I have got to get back at it, and that’s not easy because I really don’t feel like it.

With our El Nino finally showing its full face in San Diego, the cold and rain are making me wish I was back in Colorado with snow to play in and lifts to take me to the top of mountains. I don’t have a ton of motivation for work or working out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled to see my clients every chance I get, and I am excited to work on entrepreneurial dreaming type work. But working out and getting down to the nitty gritty boring details like bookkeeping or grammar for my blogs (apologies), I’m not so enthusiastic about right now.

The New Year did not kick star me or bring a new batch of motivation like the many resolution writing hard-chargers out there. It brought me in a little more zen and primed me for energy, but the energy itself is lacking. (I have Eddie Griffin in Undercover Brother in my head right now. “I have got to get my cool back.)

While we were training, one of my clients mentioned to me that she was less than enthused about coming to class, which surprised her because it’s the New Year and resolution time! Yipee! (Or not). I admitted that I feel the same about my own workouts. Since we were both feeling this way, I decided to put a little dreamer energy into exploring the why and the what and work towards a solution.

I have plenty of poor excuses like: “I’m bored with health and fitness (YIKES! Did I just admit that in writing?!) “The weather has me down”, or “I don’t feel like creating my own workouts after making everyone else’s workouts”, “I’m lazy”, “I’m tired”, “My couch is comfy”, “I’m weak from not working out, so I’m going to feel badly about myself”, “I have a lot of stress in my life right now”. 

I also believe that with the New Year, we’re expected to make resolutions or goals related to our health and kick off with a bang, and my inner teenager is resisting.

After I was done whining and done listing all my (not so) stellar excuses, it was time to take a hard look in the mirror. Why do I workout? I have 3 main reasons:

1.       It makes me look good (yep, I’m going shallow first)

2.       It keeps me healthy so I can live a better life for me and those around me.

3.       It keep me from going crazy and hurting people who tick me off. (TRUTH)

The truth is my whys for working out were valid and my excuses sucked, so I decided to get solution oriented. And here are my suggestions:

1.       Sign up for fitness event with someone or find/come up with new workout challenges that are engaging and FUN! (Thanks, LY! Looking forward to that run)

2.       Use free online resources to workout…there’s plenty of good workouts out there that you or I don’t have to come up with right now; plug & play.

3.       Accountability. It’s time to find out a workout buddy or class.

4.       Doing something, anything will help gain strength back. And muscle memory is amazing! If you have worked out before, it will come back in no time with some consistent persistence.

5.       Active stretching and yoga are great ways to do something beneficial in short breaks you have between daily activities.

6.       Lastly, change things up a bit: This year, I encourage you to make a goal for just this week that you start today. How many times do you want to workout this week? 1, 2, 3? Maybe you’re in a place like I was last month; the goal is 0. That’s OK, it’s only this week. Then next week, make a new goal. And maybe find some activity you enjoy rather than “working out” and do that twice this week. 

Eventually, you may turn your weekly goals into milestones for a long term goal. Until then, show up and see what happens! Life’s amazing when you show up, sometimes leading to active engagement, discovering joy, and getting your “cool back”!

Until next time, healthy regards!