Love your life and the body you live in. Have you heard that before? It's what we're all about at Infinitely Fit.  It is the basis of Inspired self acceptance and it is something we and our members at Infinitely Fit focus on living true to.  Inspired self acceptance is something that doesn't come quickly or something realized in a few weeks, it's something you must work at on a regular basis, daily even. Weight loss, fat loss, health markers, fitness goals- none of that will happen unless you understand and embrace self acceptance first.  Maybe this is breaking the rules of personal trainers, gyms and fitness studios, but we have to; as a gym and as individuals.

We don't want to live by anyone's RULES anymore.  Societal rules are what have got many of us in this "self avoidance" situation in the first place.  People expecting us to look a certain way, be a certain way, act a certain way, be someone we truly deep-down inside don't want to be or doesn't feel like who we really are.  We label ourselves, parents label us, friends label us. These labels stick around for a long time, if not forever.  We begin to live by those labels or even try and live up to the label.  But those labels, even if for fun (i.e. the "intense friend" or the "always happy friend") can sometimes box us in.  You can't be THAT person all of the time, you may not WANT to be that person all of the time.  Guess what?  That's okay. It's okay to not live by the rules of society or the rules that we've placed upon ourselves.

You cannot reach your health and fitness goals while trying to be something else or trying to be something for somebody else.  You cannot even be truly happy with yourself even if you do reach your goals if you're not in the right mindset.  When you look great but need to "look better",  if you want the scale to keep going down even though you're very healthy, that's your sign, you need to be better within yourself first.  Have you heard of "Impostor Syndrome?"  Watch this video clip.  I bet you have and I think it's time you made that realization and moved on from the rules and facade.

 So we do have a "rule" that we at Infinitely Fit and our members focus on living by- Inspired Self Acceptance.  We must strive to live by this rule, focus on this though the process and learn to breakthrough our own shells and be happy with who we are, what we have, what we look like and to believe we can achieve our goals in due time.   We're not doing "12-week to bikini body" challenges because that's not going to result in lasting results or happiness.  Challenging yourself is so important, breaking out of your self-imposed mold, but quick-fix challenges aren't going to get you there.  Yes, we'll get you a healthier, fitter body but it's not going to be at the cost of self-worth or lifestyle and we will make sure it's not a "summer body" but a "life-time body". 

Self acceptance does not come naturally to most people yet we all need to embrace it to live at our full potential.  What is your full potential? What does that mean to you? I ask you to actually consider it.  Then come find it with us at the studio.