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The Perfect peach

The other day I received my Farm Fresh to You CSA box, and there were these beautiful peaches in the box that were, sadly, not ready to eat. Since I live with a pre-teen boy who is almost my height, and a grown US Marine, I decided the only way I would have a chance of eating the peach on my terms was to hide it-- so that's exactly what I did.

I hid it in my refrigerator produce drawer under the Brussel sprouts for safekeeping. Every day or so I was checking its softness, and after 1 week, while the hubs was at work and the kiddo at school, I remembered that my perfectly colored and ripened peach was probably ready for consumption.

I pulled out the vibrant orange-reddish peach and set the stage with complete quiet and total focus on my eating experience. I bit into the peach. It was juicy but not the too messy kind of juicy, a little tart with a little sweet. DELICIOUS! Each bite I took notice of the freshness and how I wanted this experience to last forever and yet, my focus quickly shifted.

My thoughts of the phenomenal peach were overtaken with thoughts of my next perfect moment, my next fix to consume something equally delicious. How can I prolong this experience? I thought. Then, it hit me!

I am already so busy thinking about replicating this experience that I am no longer indulging in this experience. How can that be? Why I am not experiencing something I was so deeply and profoundly in tune to just seconds ago? Good question, right? I think so too! Unfortunately, I don't have a complete, scientific or even reasonable explanation with which to educate you, but I will tell you what I did:

ü  I refocused my mind to the moment

ü  I gave myself permission to eat more after I enjoyed the peach, but first I had to fully experience the moment and the delicious food

ü  I refocused my mind to the moment

ü  I thought about tasting notes as if I was tasting it for the first time or tasting a fine wine

ü  I refocused my mind to the moment (because now I was thinking about wine pairings)

ü  I came to the conclusion that I didn't want any other food in my mouth at that moment because then I wouldn't have the lingering taste of a perfectly balanced and fresh peach

It's amazing how helpful I have found giving myself permission. This time it allowed me to operate under the "there is enough" mentality rather than the scarcity mentality (like what happens when hiding a peach in my fridge). When I felt there was enough, it allowed me to appreciate what I was eating and the experience of eating, which led to a feeling of satisfaction and contentment I rarely indulge, which then led me to the conclusion that I didn't want something else so the peach taste could linger.

Please know that this awareness came after a couple of months of bringing awareness to what and how I eat. It has come at a time when I am rebelling against my "normal" eating routine and trying to redefine "normal". It came because I had already set the stage to enjoy the peach by not having other distractions. If I was eating this peach in my car running between clients, I would have never had this experience of awareness. Eating with awareness is a process for me. It is not something that comes naturally, but I believe every moment like the one with this peach, or the reflection of how my body felt after I ate a full bag of popcorn and box of movie candy is part of the process and the journey to be a little better and a little healthier by making healthier decisions more often (on average) in the future. 

By LJ Eastmead