As you can see above, Infinitely Fit is moving to a new studio in Carmel Mountain Ranch on March 14th! We can't wait to share the space and new equipment with our clients!

Opening my own studio and moving out of the garage is something I have hoped for and planned to do for about a year now. It had been a just a dream until an irresistible opportunity landed in my lap last week. 

In recent months, all the pieces I needed started to come together as we have been gaining a steady flow of new clients and started filling up our classes in our small garage studio. It couldn't be a more divinely orchestrated situation which seemed to happen almost overnight- out of no where.

The truth, however, couldn't be further from the truth. This opportunity and successful snapshot in time is a result of years of work, getting up everyday being willing to march on, try new things, and take risks even when it seemed pointless and a waste of time.

With all that has been happening, and so quickly, my glorious moment came unexpectedly wrapped in a package of opening my own studio. It was hard to believe that it is, in fact, a glorious moment- a picture of success! As I have been planning for success, I expected a success of this magnitude to be a monumental moment in time. I expected to "arrive" at success like it's a destination, and believed somehow all my hard work would be over, and it would be time to rest for a bit. Well, it's most definitely not a destination at which I've arrived because the hard work has increased rather than ceased. I am the same person as I was before this all happened, just with a bigger to-do list, more responsibility and less sleep.

This glorious moment is a success, and a BIG one, but it is not a destination. The beat marches on, and so will I or my moment of success is the beginning of my decline. And with that in mind, I have some classes to plan, some accounts to reconcile and some marketing to decide upon. But first, I think I'll take a moment to celebrate with my family because this is glorious!

Whether you stop in to say hi and check out our space or come to take our classes, we hope to see you soon!

Here's to a new chapter at Infinitely Fit! Cheers!