Thanks for your interest in the Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador Program!

Infinitely Fit believes wholeheartedly in changing the world, not just bodies. We can use your helping accomplishing our mission to spread inspiration and improve our community because together we can accomplish so much more!

Our brand promise is continuous growth for mind, body & spirit in order to strengthen them as a whole person. This allows them to persevere on the unique life paths they choose; therefore, creating a community of authentically powerful people who shape the future. We do this because we believe everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive.

The Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador Program was created as a means to fuel the fire behind our message while giving back to our most faithful and loyal believers. Our Brand Ambassadors relentlessly share the Infinitely Fit brand whenever and wherever possible. They are unwavering in their commitment to share their own experiences of the brand across social media platforms and in the community spreading the inspiration.  

How do I apply to be an Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador?
Fill out the form below. Then the Infinitely Fit Team will call you within a week to let you know if you're an Official Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador!

What do I have to do if I become an Ambassador? 
Once you are selected to be an Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador, we ask you to keep up what you are already doing to share our brand and add some fun challenging twists and themes to keep it interesting. For sharing our content and for posting your own Infinitely Fit related content, you will receive perks. The more you post, the more perks you can receive. 

What's the challenge all about? 
Infinitely Fit will provide challenges regarding your social media posting. You can post any material you'd like, but we will also ask you to post something related to the challenge for additional perks. For example: "Post a picture of your favorite home-made meal." So you'll post a picture and use our hashtag on your post. 

What do I get for becoming an Infinitely Fit Brand Ambassador? 
If you are selected to participate, you will receive:

  • T-shirt
  • Monthly event exclusively for our Ambassadors
  • Monthly prize for the most frequently posting Ambassador
  • Special offers for you and your friends and family
  • Closed Facebook group to share tips and support


Together we can do so much more. We hope you consider joining us!

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