Understand. Educate. Empower.

Our health coaching program is designed to help you become your healthiest and happiest self. We’re here to understand your goals and current health status without judgment and empower you to take charge of your health.

With all the diet books, fitness trends and latest and greatest supplements out there, it can be hard to know what to trust. If diet after diet has failed you, there’s a reason. That diet knows nothing about your health, your needs, your environment or your past. It knows nothing about your goals (which really go far beyond weight loss). With all the food knowledge in the world, there’s one thing a nutritionist, doctor or diet plan is never an expert on – you and your body.

The only person who can truly know what sustains you, what lets you thrive or suffer, what gives you nourishment and joy – is you.

This isn’t another diet plan to tell you how to eat, how to move, how to be. This is a process that allows you to tap back into your inherent wisdom about what nourishes you and your body.

Through our individualized health coaching, we’ll help you learn to eat more mindfully and intuitively, to become aware of the mental, emotional and environmental triggers around your behaviors, to discover how foods can be nutritious and delicious, and, most importantly, to shift your perspective of food and exercise as something to fix yourself to something that nourishes and honors your body and soul.

If a negative relationship to food and your body clouds your ability to eat intuitively, you may find you lose weight in this process. But weight loss is only a byproduct of what will really happen – true transformation of your body and mind.

A number on a scale cannot ever define your worth as a human being. Pretending it does only belittles and devalues you. We know that you are so much more. We want you to know it (really know it) too.

What will happen to you through this process?

You will find you can enjoy a brownie (or whatever your “forbidden” food is) without a surge of guilt that leaves you eating the whole tray.

The scale will lose its power to dictate your worth for the day.

Your precious time will no longer be wasted counting calories or carbs, freeing you up to life of deeper joy and meaning.

You will leave food prison and find peace.

When you restrict, purge or punish yourself, you tell yourself you’re worthless, no good, not even smart enough to know what your body needs.

Through this process, you’ll learn that you deserve to be healthy and enjoy your life, that you are smart and capable, and that you are worthy of being loved – even by yourself.

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