We created infin-8 to support your efforts to achieve a balance of health for your mind, body and spirit which provides a life of energy and enjoyment. Gone will be the days of all work and no play. infin-8 is a way of life that will bring more peace and pleasure to every day life, it is not a diet or exercise routine.  We know you've heard that statement before but this is the how-to-do, not the what-to-do. Let us teach you the how and lead you to a life you always dreamed of but weren't sure was possible. 

Daily Habits: 

  • 3+ servings of fruit

  • 4+ servings of vegetables

  • 64+oz of water

  • 30+ minutes of activity

  • 8 hours of sleep

  • 10+ minutes of meditation

  • 20+ minutes of "me" time

  • 3+ gratitude journal entries

How It works:

  • Track habits daily

  • Enter tracking log weekly to earn points

  • Attempt challenges and workouts for additional points

  • On-going individual point accumulation plus weekly point competitions against others

  • Earn prizes based on individual on-going points accumulation



  • Certified Personal Trainer Coach 15 minute phone call
  • Fitness & nutrition app and web portal
  • Virtual and local educational opportunities
  • Weekly workouts
  • Recipe recommendations
  • Tips for the health of your mind, body & spirit