There's a fundamental law of human nutrition that goes like this: 

If a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.

(Whether you plan to or not, whether you want to or not, you'll eventually eat it! Trust us!) 
Therefore, according to this important law of human nutrition, if you wish to be healthy and lean, you must remove all foods that aren't part of your healthy eating program and replace them with a variety of better, healthier choices. 

How do you know which foods have got to go and which foods stay?

Simply, answer the questions below by selecting the response most appropriate to your situation. And remember, be honest. You're doing this exercise to find out whether your kitchen is in good shape. 

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1. Check all that are in your kitchen.
2. Check all that are in your pantry.
3. Check all that are in your fridge or freezer
4. Check all that are in your pantry.
5. Check all that are in your fridge or freezer.
6. Do you have bowls of candy, chips, crackers or other snacks sitting out at home?
7. When you have parties or dinner guests, do you usually try to serve healthy food?
8. How often do you shop for groceries?
9. Do you keep healthy food in plain view around the house?
(such as a fruit bowl)
10. Do you think healthy eating means low-fat eating?
11. If someone were to point to a food in your kitchen, would you know whether it was composed of mostly carbohydrates, protein, or fat?
12. When you prepare meals from recipe books, do you use those that contain healthy recipes?
13. Do you prepare meals in advance to take with you to work, on day trips, or on vacations?
14. Are you hesitant to throw out uneaten food?
15. Do you feel guilty if you don't clean your plate?