Meet the Team!

When you join Infinitely Fit you'll not only be working with founder and head coach LJ Pocsi, but you'll likely be in class with one of these exceptional coaches! Read more about them in their bios below. 


L.J. Pocsi

LJ vividly remembers her weight issues beginning ar age 9. Always aware that she was "big-boned" or "athletic", she developed body image issues at a young age, and struggled with the yo-yo weight effects of dieting through school years, her 4 years of Marine Corps services, through her pregnancy and beyond.

In 2011 participating in a corporate health program, LJ began making small changes hoping to get healthy, but never expecting to lose weight. She succumbed to the idea of being "big-boned" for a lifetime. Much to her surprise, those subtle changes for her health would bring her 5'8" frame from 190lbs to 150lbs in 18 months.

Leaner, stronger and healthier than she had ever been, LJ decided to switch her career from government work to the health and wellness industry as a fitness trainer. It was a bold change, but it is where her passion and heart led her.

LJ believes if we all strive for a small improvement over yesterday, our experiences of tomorrow will be more than we ever imagined; therefore inspiring more positive change.

You will find LJ teaching FUNctional Fit, Stretch, Morning Express, leading walking group and mindful eating, and behind her computer more than she wants! 


Amber De Barge

After years of working in a high paced corporate environment that did not allow for a work-life-balance, Amber knew she had to make a change. This quest for balance and health lead her to her first yoga class, changing her life in more ways than she could have imagined.  Not only did her yoga practice cure her chronic headaches and back aches, it also increased her physical and mental strength, boosted her confidence and enabled her to better handle the stress of everyday life.
As a military spouse, mother and community volunteer yoga has helped her maintain a well-balanced life, as well as poise in times of high stress. After 13 years of personal practice Amber began to casually share yoga with family and friends and soon realized that life-enhancing experience with yoga was not all that unique. She discovered that yoga is a tool people from all walks of life can use to improve and maintain their health, avoid injury and improve performance at work, school and in athletic endeavors. This realization resulted in her obtaining certification as a registered yoga  teacher.  She now feels blessed to have the opportunity to share yoga with others everyday.
In addition to completing a comprehensive yoga teacher training, Amber has specialized training in Happy Back Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Therapy and Yoga Wellness Coaching. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, Amber is committed to making yoga safe and accessible for everyone seeking work-life-balance, better health and a pain-free life.

You will find Amber healing bodies by teaching all of our yoga classes. She is fantastic at getting the beginner in a healthy state to move their bodies more in our fitness classes and outside the studio. 

Nicci D'Amico Howard

Nicci began her fitness career in 2000 while attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA as a biology major teaching group fitness classes both in and out of the water.She lifeguarded in the summers and taught water fitness. Playing organized sports such as soccer and swimming since the age of 4, Nicci found a passion and went on to compete at high levels. And she maintained her passion for general health and fitness as she transitioned to each stage of life. After having her first daughter, she left her corporate America career to follow her real passions: 1) being a mom (a totally difference than my corporate career goals) and 2) Health and fitness for others.  

She began personal training in 2010 and has been loving it since! She even opened  her own fitness studio in Jefferson City, Missouri, putting her blood sweat and tears into it for 4 years before she and her family decided to move back to San Diego. She now enjoys raising her kids in my favorite place while keeping up her own heath and fitness lifestyle.

Nicci is our PLYOGA instructor and subs for some of our FUNctoinal Fit Classes. She is also the reason our social media looks so good and LJ stays somewhat focused!


Marisa Thrasher

Marisa is certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and started teaching various group exercise classes while in college. She received her BS in Business Administration from Cal State SM and her MA in  Communications Management. While her post-college career path led her to marketing, events  and business roles in NYC, she continued to stay  passionate about fitness and always stayed  physically active outside of the office by taking  very type of class imaginable. When Marisa and her business partner, Nicole, decided in 2013 to
move forward with building their dream business, Fitness + Foolishness, which combined their passions of travel, fitness and fun, Marisa slowly
started devoting more of her time to building a fitness career and away from the typical 9-5. During Fitness + Foolishness retreats, Marisa can be found teaching boot camp style classes on the beach or making sure everything is running smoothly. She recently relocated back to San Diego and created The I.S.H. Workout which is a mash-up of everyone’s favorite workouts and
stands for (Isometrics, Strength/Stretch and HIIT).

Marisa is found at Infinitely Fit training her format of I.S.H. and our FUNctional Fit and Stretch classes. She is great at causing a good sweat for everyone while smiling throughout!


Helen Hashem

Helen began her career as a fitness coach at midlife.  After the challenges of balancing family, and careers in the medical field and corporate world, she realized how little attention she had been giving to herself, and, not always making exercise a priority.

She felt the subtle but dramatic changes that begin to manifest during midlife. Extra pounds that seemed to appear overnight, and fatigue were only a couple of changes, and they made her feel less confident. She realized at that point that she needed to modify her life.  In 2012, since she wanted to look and feel great for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, it became the motivator needed to take action, so, she began a structured exercise program and from that moment her passion for fitness was unleashed. She felt like new because everything had changed; the fatigue was gone, her waistline leaner, she became physically stronger and regained her energy!

Helen's passionate desire to motivate others to a path of fitness that would help them lead stronger and healthier lives, led her to obtain a certification in Personal Training and later become a Weight Management Specialist.

She believes that our health is truly our wealth. During her private coaching sessions and volunteer work coaching boot camps, she stresses the importance of developing and maintaining physical strength in order to be able to continue to live independently.  

Helen believes that in the end, it really doesn’t matter what initially motivates us to make positive changes in our life, but our will to do it and the incredible journey we follow to get there.

Helen thoroughly enjoys coaching and teaching FUNctional Fit and Stretch Classes to the wonderful clients of Infinitely Fit.


Kayla Ward

Growing up Kayla tried out for every sport and never made it. She was uncoordinated, always felt out of place, and was easily embarrassed. Years out of high school, she decided to make a health change. So she stopped smoking and bought a cheap pair of shoes to start running where her marathon training began, eventually morphing into triathlon training.  Since she began training, she has completed 2 full Ironman’s, 5 half Ironman’s, 9 marathons, countess other races and Crossfit competitions . 

As her inspiring journey continued, she knew she wanted to help others reach their goals. In 2017, her father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and within 6 months of his diagnosis he passed away at the age of 54. Kayla says, "I just thought life is too short not to peruse your passions and dreams." That's when she found ACE Certified Personal Trainer Program, a mentor, and began studying so much she cried and thought about giving up. Thinking her Dad didn’t have his chance for the things he wanted, she stayed focused and pursued the course. She even quit her job as a front office manager and now owns “Kayla Ward Fitness” for beginner athletes new to endurance and returned to Infinitely Fit as a certified trainer. 

You'll see Kayla teaching FUNctional Fit, Morning Express, Stretch, and living her greatest passion of working clients one-on-one. She is filled with high, positive and empathetic energy!


Kelsey Graham

Kelsey’s interest in health and fitness began through the process of recovering from an eating disorder at the age of 13. Through her recovery, Kelsey found that exercise allowed her to feel stronger, happier and more self-confident. This ignited a passion for all things health and fitness and was the driving force behind her desire to pursue a career in the fitness industry. 

Kelsey started teaching group fitness classes at 18 as a way to help others find the joy and self-confidence she was able to find through exercise. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at San Diego State University and Master’s in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin. 

In her role as the wellness program manager, Kelsey runs Infinitely Fit’s health coaching program and develops the content for their worksite wellness programs. Kelsey hopes to inspire change in each and every individual she works with –empowering them to become their healthiest and happiest selves.

You won't see Kelsey in action at the studio these days, but she is always working behind the scenes with LJ on Infinitely Fit wellness programs such as Mindful Eating.