Meet the Team!

When you join Infinitely Fit you'll not only be working with founder and head coach LJ Pocsi, but you'll likely be in class with one of these exceptional coaches, hearing from them on social media, or participating with them in a health and fitness related Google Hangout or Health Happy Hour! Read more about them in their bios below. 

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LJ Pocsi (CEO/Lead Trainer)

LJ vividly remembers her weight issues beginning ar age 9. Always aware that she was "big-boned" or "athletic", she developed body image issues at a young age, and struggled with the yo-yo weight effects of dieting through school years, her 4 years of Marine Corps services, through her pregnancy and beyond.

In 2011 participating in a corporate health program, LJ began making small changes hoping to get healthy, but never expecting to lose weight. She succumbed to the idea of being "big-boned" for a lifetime. Much to her surprise, those subtle changes for her health would bring her 5'8" frame from 190lbs to 150lbs in 18 months.

Leaner, stronger and healthier than she had ever been, LJ decided to switch her career from government work to the health and wellness industry as a fitness trainer. It was a bold change, but it is where her passion and heart led her.

LJ believes if we all strive for a small improvement over yesterday, our experiences of tomorrow will be more than we ever imagined; therefore inspiring more positive change.

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Kelsey Brown (Wellness Program Manager)

Kelsey’s interest in health and fitness began through the process of recovering from an eating disorder at the age of 13. Through her recovery, Kelsey found that exercise allowed her to feel stronger, happier and more self-confident. This ignited a passion for all things health and fitness and was the driving force behind her desire to pursue a career in the fitness industry. 

Kelsey started teaching group fitness classes at 18 as a way to help others find the joy and self-confidence she was able to find through exercise. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at San Diego State University and Master’s in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin. 

In her role as the wellness program manager, Kelsey runs Infinitely Fit’s health coaching program and develops the content for their worksite wellness programs. Kelsey hopes to inspire change in each and every individual she works with –empowering them to become their healthiest and happiest selves.

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Cathleen Lavelle (Trainer)

Although Cathleen played organized sports throughout her childhood and in high school and enjoyed keeping active in college by running, lifting weights, and taking kickboxing classes, it was not until she began her professional career in marketing that she realized how intrinsically important fitness (and overall wellness) was to her. Spending long hours at work through the week and dedicating her weekends to a budding romance with her now husband, Cathleen found herself rising early, typically around 430 am, to fit in the gym before work. To her this was the most important hour of the day- it set the tone for what would follow. Getting in a workout, dedicating that one hour to her own self improvement, made Cathleen more effective in the other areas of her life - a better employee, a harder worker, a nicer friend, a more patient girlfriend.

Cathleen wants you to know that she is anything but a natural athlete. Every single fitness achievement - from being named high school field hockey MVP to completing her first half marathon to dead lifting 200# for the first time - has come through extremely hard work. But once she realized that the best feeling in the world comes from doing something today that you believed was physically impossible yesterday, Cathleen was hooked. When you find a satisfaction in the toil that brings about progress, you will be hooked on fitness too!

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Amber De Barge (Yoga Instructor)

After years of working in a high paced corporate environment that did not allow for a work-life-balance, Amber knew she had to make a change. This quest for balance and health lead her to her first yoga class, changing her life in more ways than she could have imagined.  Not only did her yoga practice cure her chronic headaches and back aches, it also increased her physical and mental strength, boosted her confidence and enabled her to better handle the stress of everyday life.
As a military spouse, mother and community volunteer yoga has helped her maintain a well-balanced life, as well as poise in times of high stress. After 13 years of personal practice Amber began to casually share yoga with family and friends and soon realized that life-enhancing experience with yoga was not all that unique. She discovered that yoga is a tool people from all walks of life can use to improve and maintain their health, avoid injury and improve performance at work, school and in athletic endeavors. This realization resulted in her obtaining certification as a registered yoga  teacher.  She now feels blessed to have the opportunity to share yoga with others everyday.
In addition to completing a comprehensive yoga teacher training, Amber has specialized training in Happy Back Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Therapy and Yoga Wellness Coaching. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, Amber is committed to making yoga safe and accessible for everyone seeking work-life-balance, better health and a pain-free life.


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Alex Macklin (Trainer)

Alex has been an athlete since young age, starting with baseball at the age of 5, hockey at 8 and basketball at 9. He excelled in these sports for many years through high school but didn't just stop there. Alex furthermore found love in activities that challenged his depth perception, hand-eye coordination and reaction time such as table tennis, air hockey and billiards. Besides his competitive edge, Alex also has a humanitarian side whereas he loves to help others less fortunate or lacking the ability to achieve what they want. After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, he made a conscious decision to join a volunteer group to travel down to New Orleans and help gut houses for free (dispose everything out of the homes that was contaminated including the mold and water from the flooding) in order to return them to a livable status for their current owners who cannot have afforded to pay someone for this service. While he was down there, he really found a love for helping others, a feeling that lead him onto his journey the next 10 years. This eventually lead him to join the United States Marine Corps in 2008 and serve diligently and proudly in service of our country for the next 7 years. It was through his two deployments to Afghanistan and the camaraderie with his fellow Marines that he found a love for service to others and the benefit of peak physical fitness.

After honorable discharging in 2015, he made a decision that he would seek out opportunities to promote his desire to help others achieve their goals through pursuit of a career in the fitness industry. In April 2016, he enrolled at National Personal Trainer Institute to complete their Certified Personal Trainer course and has made a conscious decision to pursue that career and help others achieve both their fitness as well as personal goals in life through his skills, spirit and genuine care to help them succeed.

J.P. Damante (Trainer)

Even though JP started his fitness journey at a young age only for the sake of being a better player in team sports, it was not until college that he realized he could make a fulfilling career out of helping others to be their best as well.  He remembers waking up at 5:00 every morning to take advantage of the campus gym, only for the intention of avoiding the Freshman 15.  Along the way, he became hooked of the benefits the gym had to offer, and learned fitness and overall well-being is all about lifestyle.  Now, fitness is all about feeling good and being satisfied with oneself.

After being the first deaf student to receive a B.A. from the University of San Diego, JP struggled for a few years trying to find his true potential.  Reminiscing over his years growing up with deafness and how he overcame the odds, he realized he has always had a natural instinct to help others address their challenges as well.  With the encouragement of his sister, JP studied and received his personal training certificate from NASM in 2015.  JP is thrilled to share his experiences of overcoming the odds in life, to help others to do the same. 

John-Paul has a strong understanding that fitness is not just physical, but mental as well.  He believes the first step before achieving your goal is to eliminate all and any negativity in your head.  He is excited to be a part of Infinitely Fit, and help others incorporate that mind-set, in order to achieve overall well-being and reach their goals.

Cristina Schmitter- Admin and everything else!

Throughout her high school career, Cristina fell in love with social media, graphic design, public speaking, writing, and event planning. She held several leadership positions in clubs and at church which allowed her to grow in those skills. Putting those skills to works, Cristina built relationships between the organizations and the public. 

After having the opportunity to get to know LJ Eastmead on a personal level, being offered an opportunity to intern for her was something Cristina was eager to embark on. While she does attend college in LA, she enjoys being able to work virtually and come home often to meet up with the Infinitely Fit team for new projects and tasks. Using prior experience, as well as learning as she goes, Cristina enjoys honing her skills, working on new marketing promotions, and being inspired by the Infinitely Fit clients. As someone who was always intimidated by group workouts, Cristina was immediately amazed by the spirit of Infinitely Fit which is one of an inviting, encouraging community of which  she is grateful to be a part!