APRIL 11th - MAY 1st
tuesdays 11am

Cost: $69 for the 4 week program
Early Bird (sign up by 4/2): $29


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Are you tired of having a less than ideal relationship with food and your body?

Of feeling awesome for eating salad for lunch only to berate yourself later after finishing a tub of ice cream over the counter?

Are you sick of wasting precious energy worrying about what you ate yesterday, what you’re eating now and what you might eat tonight at 7:00 PM when you’re out to dinner with friends?

You are not alone. I’ve been there, your mom’s been there, your neighbor down the street who always looks fabulous in her white jeans, wedges and perfect blowout has been there.

Maybe it started when you were in 4th grade and a boy at school jiggled your underarm and giggled. Or maybe it started in high school when your mom decided you needed to cut down on the sweets because you were getting a little thick around the middle. Or maybe you’ve been told a million times that you need to “eat right” or “be good” in order to look or feel a certain way.

Whatever the reason, most of us have struggled with our relationship with food. How did something meant to sustain us become so complicated?

If you’re tired of feeling like eating is a constant, unwinnable battle, join us for our 4-week mindful eating workshop. In this small group workshop you will learn:

·         How to hear and respond to your hunger and satiety cues

·         Why you need to ditch the diet mentality for good and practical ways to do it

·         How to understand “other” forms of hunger and what to do about them

·         What you’re really feeling when you’re “feeling fat”

·         Why your attempts to “be good” and “eat well” may be hurting you in the long run

·         How to enjoy your food and why it’s necessary to do so to maintain a healthy weight

·         How to eat for pleasure and health and why doing so will lead to a better relationship with food and your body