We inspire transformation, inside and out,
improving our community one healthy being at a time.


People, the struggle is real!  Most of us go to the gym to force their bodies to look a certain way so they can accept their bodies. They sweat it out, starve themselves for a few months to get results. Sadly, the results are reversed at the first sign of exhaustion and a little extra weight is added for good measure. Then we blame ourselves for being weak and not having enough willpower. It is a never ending cycle. We believe that when we have the "right" body, that gives us permission to love the new body and by extension who we are because obviously, fit people are good people.

At Infinitely Fit, we help you love the body you have now as you work towards a healthier version of you. Maybe that's a more fit body, or maybe it's a better mental health state, or maybe it's the energy to keep up with your amazing and exhausting kids. Whatever your life, we want you to have the body, mind and spirit to support it. 

We like to live life and enjoy some of the more indulgent things, and we don't think you need to punish yourself with hours of exercise for doing it.We don't have a prescribed measure on how to tackle your body so it fits into an arbitrary image that has placed in your head, that is all based on the individual. We keep our classes at 12 or less to ensure you get a personalized experience each time you take care of yourself by coming in. We have the tools to guide you and support your way to the healthiest you have ever been. 

Remember! You don't need to workout and take care of your health in order to be valuable, you are worth taking care of by working out because you already are valuable! You are worth the time and energy! So go do something today to take care of you and you alone! We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

Our Story

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Infinitely Fit was born out of a continuous cycle of transformations in the life of LJ, the founder and owner of Infinitely Fit.

Throughout her life, she was uncomfortable in her own skin, constantly comparing herself to those around her. She struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and size because she truly believed there was only one way to accomplish it, and it didn't sound fun.

In 2011, through a health challenge at work, she started to make subtle and simple lifestyle changes. She became intentional in moving her body (not always working out, just moving), was conscious of her fruit and vegetable intake, and focused on staying hydrated. Surprisingly, those three habits turned into a 40-pound weight loss in a year. More important than the weight loss, she felt energized! Her body was transformed, but there was something on the inside that was happening that was just as monumental. 

Since opening in 2012, Infinitely Fit’s used personal training, group fitness, yoga, lifestyle coaching, educational seminars, and customized wellness programs to support our clients’ health. Our passion for improving individuals’ health and wellness drives our targeted training and coaching programs – creating sustainably healthy lifestyles for individuals and the businesses.