Our clients say it best!

I love the workouts here at Infinity Fit! I feel welcomed, challenged, and leave feeling pumped. I always look forward to seeing LJ and her smiling face!!
— Geni
Really like the Instructor, Amy. She plans her workout well, is good at motivating her class and keeps the workout fun and energetic!!
— Brandon
I absolutely love this place. I have been in my fitness journey for some months now and trying different places and by far this is my favorite. Always a fun challenging workout. I love the friendly atmosphere and how everyone supports each other to reach our goals. This is the type of place and work out I can differently come to without getting bored and I´m always so happy after a class there. Totally worth checking out!
— Veronica
Kelsey is my go-to fitness professional. From nutritional advice to prehab/rehab recommendations and training suggestions, I’ve come to her with multiple health-related questions.

Most recently, I asked her for help with chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain I developed while going through some rigorous military training. After listening to my concerns and gathering information on my physical, mental and emotional well-being, she recommended customized and easy-to-follow nutritional adaptations, a supplement regimen, and mindfulness practices.

One month later, not only does my body feel better—my mind does as well. I’m in a much better and sustainable place both physically and emotionally.

Kelsey and the health-coaching services she provides are the real deal!
— Rob
My husband started working out with LJ last fall and I soon followed. LJ is a professional, kind, knowledgeable fitness expert. She is genuine and most helpful in making the work out effective for you. I have issues with sciatic nerve pain and LJ has helped me find success while exercising without hurting myself. In addition, the routines are anything but routine. I go twice a week and never do the same thing. She pays close attention to form and ensures each exercise is done with maximum results and safety. LJ is very affordable and absolutely worth trying out. If I can do it, you can.
— Erin (& Greg)
I attended LJ’s recent Health Happy Hour and met so many great people from Infinitely Fit.  The community she has created is amazing!  When LJ gave her presentation, I learned so much about what it means to be fit both physically, mentally, and spiritually.  LJ has a training philosophy that is real, attainable, and refreshing.  She has inspired me (and my wife) to get back in shape again!  Thank you LJ and Infinitely Fit!
— Nathan
LJ Speaking to 7th grade girls about wellness & body image at National Charity League Poway

LJ Speaking to 7th grade girls about wellness & body image at National Charity League Poway

Thank you again for coming to our girls meeting yesterday! And thank you again for your powerful message. After you left the moms asked the girls how they liked having a speaker come (you were the first speaker they have had) and I wish you were there to hear their responses!!

A few that stood out to me were...

She made everything really relatable and gave us easy things to do to help ourselves.

I really liked hearing that even though she is a trainer now she was insecure at one time too.

I really liked ripping up the blue card, I think it helped.

I am going to do the things she said about sleeping because I know I don’t get enough sleep.

I really liked that she talked about us complimenting each other and looking for the good in people.

I appreciated that it wasn’t only about eating healthy and exercising.

And of course the moms thought you knocked it out of the park!! They were passing your cards out to the other moms at pick up!!

So they heard you!!! And you definitely made a difference!! Not to mention you set the bar really high for our other speakers!!
— Gioia
This place is wonderful. LJ is amazing and works to help everyone succeed. It’s fun to go and workout. The other trainers are great too. Highly recommend this place to anyone!
— Adam
LJ and her staff have helped me transform my life, helped me loose 30 pounds, I could not have done it on my own without the support and accountability of a world class staff,thank you soooooo much.
— Jason
I am an exercise junkie. When I find something I like, I tend to do it until burnout. What’s great about what LJ has done here is that she changes it up every day, the circuits are short (25 min usually), and you’re not being barked at the whole time by an overly-enthusiastic musclebot, thus negating the tendency to get bored and/or overwhelmed. Everyone here is friendly and I enjoy the healthy, light-hearted attitude that everyone seems to have. The class times are perfect for my schedule, and the facility is clean. I think I’ll be here for the long-haul! Give it a shot if you’ve fallen off the wagon and are looking to get back on without feeling overwhelmed.
— Tiffany
I signed up at Infinitely Fit because I needed personal attention and accountability. As an older mom with small kids, I wanted to focus on building STRENGTH and ENERGY instead of losing weight. Strong is the new thin, don’t you know?!  ;-)

I got WAY more than I bargained for with Infinitely Fit!

- A challenging, varied, DO ABLE workout every single class!
- Personal commitment from LJ
- Fitness and nutrition suggestions that work for me
- A great group of people who know how to work hard and have fun!
- A breezy, welcoming studio environment — no icky, sweaty franchise-gym feeling or pressure!

LJ is smart, authentic, highly skilled, kind and funny! She works really hard to understand your needs and challenges, and then finds ways to help you succeed by making small changes and capturing little victories!
— Sue
I found Infinitely Fit through a friend who raved about how much Kelsey Brown had helped him revamp his diet and as a result his athletic performance. So, I gave Infinitely Fit a try and I could not be happier that I followed his advice. After only 4 weeks of working with Kelsey, I can absolutely, completely, and with conviction say that she revolutionized my energy, mood, and training.  I strongly recommend Kelsey and Infinitely Fit to anyone and everyone looking to make a change in the way they fuel their bodies and chase results of any kind.

I am a semi professional athlete and my nutrition and health are paramount to me. I understand how essential it is to fuel your body with good nutrition, especially if you want it to perform optimally. As a result I have been very health conscious and I have done a lot of nutritional research. I am no expert, but I considered myself rather healthy and knowledgeable. However, this season, after taking some time off, I struggled getting back into a groove with my training. I kept getting sick as I ramped up my training volume and after only a few days of higher volume, I would feel terrible. I have done similar training jumps before and never met with this much difficulty. My training was strenuous to be sure, but it was intelligent and measured, too.

When I heard that one of my friends (training to be an Navy Seal Officer) had worked with Kelsey and she revolutionized the way he felt, responded to training, and managed his recovery from an injury; I decided that I had give it a try.

First thing, Kelsey asked me for my nutritional log. She agreed that I did do a good job of eating healthfully, but she also identified some major nutritional wholes in my diet.

She made a program for me that adjusted the timing, composition, and frequency of my eating (along with some targeted supplements she recommended I take daily).

It took a few weeks, but the results came and when they did, they were astounding. My mood, energy, resistance to illness, and reaction to training stimuli all improved dramatically.

Best training decision I have ever made! No equipment, training program, or training trip has ever had such a positive and massive effect on my training.

I contacted her three weeks in, gushing. Working with Kelsey was the best training decision I have ever made and I would highly recommend it to anyone. No matter your goals, motivation, nutritional knowledge, I strongly believe that anyone and everyone could benefit from working with Kelsey.

On top of doing an exceptional job, Kelsey was extremely friendly and easy to work with. She was supportive, nurturing and made me feel like I had an investment and understanding of the recommendations she was making. She also reached out multiple times beyond our scheduled sessions to make sure I was doing well. She was also receptive to any questions I had outside of our sessions.

Thank you Kelsey! You changed my training and my life, really! I can’t wait to see how this season goes!
— Austin