Infinitely Fit provides a variety of services for businesses to improve employee health and morale. These are no ordinary workplace fitness programs that focus on only the physical aspect of health. Infinitely Fit brings a integrated wellness approach so people of all abilities and health levels can participate, gain insight, and improve their health; ultimately improving the bottom line for your business.

Infinitely Fit owner, LJ Pocsi, personally experienced the power a healthy work environment has on improving health and productivity. When a corporate challenge was integrated into her work environment for 4 short weeks, LJ had incredible results. She lost weight and size, increased energy and daily productivity, and positively influenced others in her life, personally  and professionally. The support she received from her peers participating in the challenge exponentially increased her successful weight loss and improved health well after the challenge ended. Seeing an opportunity to move into the fitness industry and help others improve their health and achieve the results they always wished they could, LJ started Infinitely Fit. Beginning as a certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified personal trainer, she knew a workplace healthy challenge would one day become an integral part of her business. Beginning 2015, Infinitely Fit officially launched the workplace program, and has seen tremendous results for the individuals participating and significant improvement of productivity and morale in the business.


·        Lunch n’ Learn Seminars

·     Weekly workout or challenge

·        Team builder day

·        8-week customized challenge

Lunch n’ Learn

Infinitely Fit offers a quarterly lunch n’ learn series with follow on support to create lasting change. The whole year, your employees will have education about their health & wellness as a whole and actionable steps to take control of their health on the entire spectrum of wellness.

Weekly Workout and/or Challenge

Infinitely Fit will provide a Nationally Accredited Certified Trainer to your work place or a local venue you choose for an effective weekly workout. We charge based on the estimated number of attendees and send as many trainers as we need to keep your employees safe.

The weekly challenge is either an addition to your workout or a supplement for those who don’t have a steady time available each week to devote to a group workout. We send a challenge to you weekly for each employee to complete on his/her own time and submit results.

Team Builder Day

Think grade-school field day meets keep-you-young team building activities. You choose the length of time we are with you and location, and we do the rest! We will engage every employee while opening up lines of communication and improving all around wellness for the individuals and your bottom line. Not to mention, there tends to be tremendous amounts of laughter that also improve relations and waistlines! So don’t forget the cameras!

Multi-week Customized Corporate Challenge/Small Business Challenge

We find this challenge works best with 8 weeks of commitment from the corporation and employees; however, we can come for any number of weeks preferable to your business needs.

In this challenge, employees are assigned to teams based on the outcome desires of the organization. Each team member earns individual points for completing healthy habits daily and attempting weekly challenges, plus there are points teams can earn by completing tasks together. At the end of every week we tally the points for the individuals and average points for the teams. Posting the weekly standings helps individuals and teams engage in a healthy level of competition without having the pressure of getting on scales or being measured.

These healthy habits can be done by anyone at any ability level. We meet your employees where they are on their health journey. Our traditional program tracks (8) habits daily:

1.       Consumed vegetable servings

2.       Consumed fruit servings

3.       Consumed ounces of water

4.       Hours sleeping

5.       Minutes exercising

6.       Gratitude journal entries

7.       Minutes meditating

8.       Minutes self-care

There are other variations of this program that can increase or decrease tracking by the individuals. Please inquire for more details. 



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